“Hurry home Mr. Right, warm pie awaits.”

Almost daily during the work week, I would send a picture or drop hints as to what was simmering and would be waiting just for him.

It was a fun way after a full day of work to entice him and his taste buds to drive safely yet, hurry home….something delicious was waiting.

We all feel special when someone cooks something just for you.  I remember years ago, Mr. Right baked me a Caramel Cake for my birthday.  It was a long recipe with several ingredients.  It was a glorious masterpiece and it was made for me.  To celebrate me.  Not only was the cake and icing amazing, it sort of took my breath away that he made it for me.

Ina Garten said, ” One of the great gifts you can give to people is to cook for them.”

Please join me as I share, meander, tell stories and cook.

I want to gently remind folks that it doesn’t have to be elaborate or perfect.  You don’t have to spend oodles of money, however splurging now and then is always fun.

By sharing our cooking we are telling people we love them.  It doesn’t get any more simple.

Oh, good gravy, Mr. Right has been my taste tester for more than 36 years.  I thought maybe you might like to know some of the behind the scenes magic.

Put on your apron, wash your hands and let’s get this show on the road.